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Survival of the Fittest

Eating at dal Corsaro, considered by many to be Cagliari’s best, specializing in fresh fish and traditional maiale, baby pig, is an exercise in rustic cooking.  It is included on my Autentico Italiano list because it is an island unto itself, despite being part of Italy as of recent times.

Sardinia is an ancient island with influences from the many civilizations to occupy it since 7000B.C.  From Phoenicians to Nuragherians to Romans to Greeks to Moors to Crusaders to Napoleon to the Nazis, this refuge in the Mediterranean retains its survival instinct in its wine and food.  Stick to you gums carignano Buio Buio and spaghetti duro: dark red wine and hard pasta.  No wonder this city on a castello defends its heritage with a Darwinian approach to healthy living.

An amouse bouche of smoked spada in peppers.  A creamy torte caldo di ricotta with smoked tuna. A tangy spaghetti duro nero di seppia.  And a tempura like fritti leggiero of calamari, gamberi and verdure.  The Japanese love Italian food.  but the Sardinians would make both the Japanese and mainland Italians jealous.   This is a cucina worthy of the trip.  It wont kill you to go to the middle of the sea, and you just might be the stronger for it!

ps: As a side note, and I don’t often do this, but I ate twice at dal Corsaro as it was so good.  And not just the food but the service.  Absolute family hopsitality.  The second time was an ouvo croccante with prosciutto, a spaghetti duro with calamari and the Sardinian baked maiale so delicate it fell off the bone.  And a “Montezuma’s Revenge” for dessert only this revenge made my stomach happy with three different chocolates with spice, perfume and toxins.  This made Texas BBQ look like an amateur and it proved twice the quality, strength, consideration, and consistency of the dal Corsaro Cagliari kitchen.

Viale Regina Margherita, 28
09100 Cagliari, Italy

  1. This makes me soooooo hungry…

    Except for the “toxins” in the dessert.

    Comment by Galen Johnson — 27 February 2010 @ 21:11

  2. Dear Mr Axelrod,
    I’ve seen you the first time conducting in my homecity Cagliari. And believe me, it’s been an amazing experience. Afterwards, I went off for a few days vacation, went to visit some friends in Venezia. Guess what? They treated me – knowing my love for music and theater – with a concert. You, again :-) Less than one week later, I’ve seen you again at Teatro Malibran. I only regret not to had the chance of congratulate and thank you after the shows, that is why I googled you to see if I had any chance to get in touch with you, and now I discover you also are a food and wine lover and seem to appreciate a lot Sardinian tastes… I’d love to know more about it, so I’ll keep coming back to your blog. And hopefully you’ll come back soon in Sardinia. If not to work, maybe on vacation? (I work in a great hotel on one of the less touristic beaches of the island).
    Thank you, again. You gave me shiver and pleasure smiling twice!

    Comment by Rosie — 8 March 2010 @ 14:06

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